Sodium ferrate is the chemical compound with the formula Na2FeO4. This purple salt is a rare example of an iron(VI) compound. In most of its compounds, iron has the oxidation state +2 or +3 (Fe2+ or Fe3+). Reflecting its high oxidation state, FeO42− is a powerful oxidizing agent. Because the side products of its redox reactions are rust-like iron oxides, Na2FeO4 has been described as a "green oxidant." It has been employed in waste-water treatment as an oxidant for organic contaminants and as a biocide. Conveniently, the resulting reaction product is iron(III) oxyhydroxide, an excellent flocculent. In organic synthesis, Na2FeO4 oxidizes primary alcohols. In contrast, related oxidants such as chromate are considered environmentally hazardous. Na2FeO4 has also attracted attention as a potential cathode material in a "super iron battery."
Our FerPo® is produced by unique method and delivered in form of nano powders which can be stored for two years in storage conditions.

Technical specification
Chemical FormulaNa2FeO4
State of MatterPowder
Particle Size30 to 50 nm
Production MethodsSolution Plasma
Crystal StructureTetragonal
Main ApplicationWater and Wastewater Treatment
PropertiesDisinfectant, Oxidizing, Anti-Fouling and Coagulation
Maintenance requirementsThe temperature below 10 ℃ and in a sealed container
Expiry Date24 months after the produced