The FerCa® is a brand new product in form of concentrated Sodium ferrate with a rather few impurity. The composition is suitable for long storage. The material is produced by plasma solution and concentrated by an innovative method. The 90% sodium ferrate with 10% of wet sodium hydroxide is in form of cake and here is called FerCa®.

Technical specification
Chemical FormulaNa2FeO4-NaOH
State of MatterCake
Particle Size30 to 50 nm
Production MethodsSolution Plasma
Major ImpuritiesSodium Hydroxide Sticking to Particles
Main ApplicationWater and Wastewater Treatment
PropertiesDisinfectant, Oxidizing, Anti-Fouling and Coagulation
Storage requirementsThe temperature below 15 ℃, a sealed container
Expiry Date12 months after the produced