Ferrate technology

The Leader of ferrate (VI) application in Waste Water Treatment


We believe in a better life and living environment through its unique technology of water and waterwaste treatment

Knowing about Ferrate and its application in Water & Wastewater

Ferrate (VI) is the inorganic anion. It is one of the strongest water-stable oxidizing species known

There is a wide range of chemicals which can be utilized for these purposes; however, Ferrate (VI) is the sole potential candidate which can be employed for oxidation, coagulation and disinfection simultaneously

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Our Products and Equipments

Our company offer equipment for processing of our products in order to achieve the best result of your application and make the work easier and safer. Working with our chemicals deserve a careful care of storage, transportation and dosing so we provide different units for each steps and also others including equipment for laboratories.

Our Range of Technical Services

• Wastewater Treatability

We provide innovative products and process lines for the water and wastewater treatment.

• Drinking Water Treatability

The treatment or “cleansing” of water takes on two primary requirements – eliminating contamination within acquired water prior to using or drinking (potable water.

• Industrial Wastewater Treatability

Treatability studies are useful in the wastewater treatment process to help determine how wastewater might be properly managed, ensuring effective treatments are considered and/or implemented.

Ferrate Technology, FT has a well-equipped laboratory with all water related tests.

We also offer water and environmental services with a comprehensive range of expert water testing laboratory analysis and in-field water sampling services to organizations and private individuals. Our teams of highly trained technicians are experienced in obtaining and handling water samples so as to maintain a high standard throughout the sampling and collection process. Our water testing facilities are set up specifically to handle expert testing whenever required by our clients.

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